Let’s Get Started!

The Sound of Music reminds us that “The very beginning….is a very good place to start” and so I will start with the beginning. My name is Julie and I am a high school senior who loves to read and to work in the hallowed place for reading: the library. I work in my town library as a page, but week after week I found myself craving more knowledge of my favorite place in the world. When the time came to pick classes for senior year, a very smart teacher suggested I put together an independent study to further explore library sciences.

Both brilliant in its applicability to my future and potential to expand my comfortable limits, my independent study on Library Sciences will be spent working in my school library. But not just working as a simple page like at my town library; this year I will get the opportunity to learn how to catalog, work with inter-library loans, create displays, do my own programming, and interact with my favorite staff. 

This blog will be my journal for my experiences as “librarian in training” this year. It will be a place to record my successes and failures, adventures and roadblocks that I will encounter throughout my time working in “the Info Center.”

In his novel Looking for Alaska John Green quotes the poet Francois Rabelais in saying “I go to seek a Great Perhaps.” I hope you’ll find enjoyment as you accompany me in seeking my own Great Perhaps in Library Sciences this year!



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