Blind Date with a Book!

I’m pretty late to be posting about Valentine’s Day- time has gotten away from me! But back in February, I wanted to create a fun display of books to get kids to fall in love with books they might not have normally chosen to read. One of the toughest parts to getting a hesitant reader to pick up a new book is getting the reader on board with the title and cover. Us avid readers tend to turn up our noses at the thought of judging a book by its cover, however for many people, it is a key factor in whether or not they pick up the book. After all, we all know the boys who will miss out on a great dystopian novel because there is a high-heeled shoe on the book’s cover (Cinder, anyone?). But how do you get these readers to look past the potentially fluffy description and cover?

My solution: Blind Date with a Book! After seeing this clever idea on Pintrest, I knew I had to adapt it to my school library. Fitting in with Valentine’s Day, the Blind Date with a Book display was fun to create and even more fun to see students’ participation! I wrapped up a variety of books with red paper and covered the titles of the books so that students could only judge each book by the short description I prepared. Naturally, I wrote each description to be as catchy and intriguing as possible, and decorated each wrapped cover with stickers and hearts. I pulled mysteries, romances, graphic novels, you name it- I wanted to catch the eye of as many readers as possible!

Here is the sign we made to hang over the entire display:



Here is an example of a covered book, with the description and the raffle card!


And here are some more pictures of the display as a whole!

bd1   bd3

With lots of help from the real librarian Marjie, I wrote descriptions and wrapped covers for over 25 titles. We even set up a raffle for students; submit a “Rate Your Book Date” card after reading your chosen book “date,” and enter your name into a raffle for library themed prizes! (ALA mugs, bags, pens and  lanyards) And to our delight, many students participated! I had countless classmates approach me to discuss the “adorable display in the Info Center” and many more coming up to me to discuss a blind date book they were considering, or had already read.

It took about two weeks to pull together a resource list of titles, write descriptions, wrap/decorate the books, and design signage and the raffle. It was a busy two weeks, but definitely the most satisfying program I’ve been involved with thus far!

Stayed tuned for more Spring Weeding; this time I’m conquering the non-fiction! Yikes!